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Heart Broken Anonymous, The Talk Circle You Didn't Know You Needed

Heartbreak!! We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Maybe it was with that perfect someone that got away or you got fired from your dream job and if that wasn’t enough, a long-time friend calls it quits, unannounced. Life happens! While it is the norm to vent and cry to a friend, you can give them a break because there’s a new friend in town. This friend is in the form of a stranger who’s ready and willing to help you navigate your difficult time, all without judgment and all by just listening. I’m speaking of Heart Broken Anonymous™.

Heart Broken Anonymous™ is a talk circle, started by Naz Perez because she met a stranger who felt more comfortable talking to her about her heartbreak rather than with her family and friends. That moment left Naz feeling as if others could benefit from this experience as well and Heart Broken Anonymous™ was born.

“I am beyond excited to bring Heart Broken Anonymous™ to Open mindfulness studio for this special, one-of-a-kind mind, body, and heart experience,” said Perez. “Around Valentine’s Day, many people experience heartbreak and overwhelming distress, sometimes not even romantic related. My wish has always been to provide a safe space for THOSE people to feel less alone and seen, and I can’t think of a better place to tend to your heart and feel connected than at Open. Because sometimes Valentine’s Day can suck.”

Open Co-founder Manoj Dias added, “There’s nothing more human than love and loss. One doesn’t come without the other, and neither comes with a guidebook. We can’t wait to explore these topics and ourselves together.”

The evening started with an introduction of HBA, Ope n, and the hosts of the evening Naz Perez and Manoj Dias of Ope n. Afterwards, we broke into groups, sat on pillows and blankets and the release began. Everything is confidential so specific examples can’t be shared but some of the scenarios that were released pertained to dating, business relationships, family dynamics, and a vast array of other heartbreaks. Every single person was given four minutes to speak and every single person had a circle of strangers that gave them their undivided attention. It was special to witness as this was a new experience for about half of the room. At the end of your time, your group inhaled and exhaled on behalf of you.

HBA is a home for people who are feeling overwhelming distress. No matter the situation, there is support for you. This support lets you know you are not alone. Feel safe, feel free. Just take a deep breath and Ope n yourself to the power of vulnerability.

For more information on Naz Perez and Heart Broken Anonymous™, visit the website and follow along on social media at @heartbroken_anonymous. For more information on Open, visit the website and follow along on social media at @op_e___n. Tickets for the event are available for purchase for $34 USD on the Open: Breathwork + Meditation app, on their website, and on their event page.

About Heart Broken Anonymous™:

Heart Broken Anonymous™ is a support group for people that are heart broken. Naz Perez met a stranger who was very emotionally heart broken and was more comfortable talking to her about her heartbreak than her own family and friends. After meeting her, Naz thought it would be great to create a non-judgmental space where people can come and share their heart break with other strangers and know they’re not alone. Naz was named to The Mend 30 2018 list by Let’s Men, the #1 app for breakups. The Mend 30 of 2018 is a group of compassionate, influential innovators, creators, academics and storytellers who are opening the hearts and minds of society.

About Open:

Open is a social space for meditation, movement, and practice — on and offline. Blending old and new to bring you to the here and now. Our hybrid methodology is designed to strengthen the mind-body connection. Meditation, breathwork, music, movement, practice — Open classes combine traditions and technologies to explore greater collective presence and awareness. Open teachers are here for you. Wise, intelligent and embodied leaders in the fields of mindfulness and movement, from all over the world. Here to help you find equilibrium and repeat it. Broadcasting live from California. Practicing together in a studio near you soon.

Ope n 57 Market St. Venice, CA 90291 | 424-385-8623 |

Selena Hughes, the imaginative force behind is an artist, writer, and wellness advocate. Through her unique blend of creativity, personal narratives, and a focus on self-care, she creates an inspiring space for authenticity and well-being.


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